250 USD Per Group Former Chongqing 816 Underground Nuclear facili

This is a private tour for 3 passengers maximum, only your group could participate. We offer hotel, airport and port pickups, bottled water, private English-speaking tour guiding and private transportation.

Lunch and admission fare are not included unless specified.

Former 816 underground nuclear facility was a top military secret in 1960's, it's been highly classified for years during cold war. For some reason this facility was sealed and preserved in 1984 while the construction was only 85% finished. This enormous confidential complex has never been actually used while it's been shut down. Thus it's safe and legal to visit.

It's located in a highly isolated huge mountain in north-eastern Chongqing, nearby Wujiang River, local civilians never know such an existence, no one ever known what's this for, what's inside this mountain, even including those soldiers who did constructions for it. One thing for sure is, this is absolutely the largest artificial tunnle in this world. An entier mountain had been hollowed out.

It started opening to public since 2010, we recommend this site for it's high value as an iconic cold war relic, an incredible miracle project created by our Chinese people.

We pick up travellers and get started from their hotels. After 3 hours driving we arrive at the site-former 816 underground nuclear facility. This facility was built in 60's and lasted over 17 years till it's been sealed and preserved in 1984. In 2010 it was formally decrypted by Chinese goverment and started to open to publics.

This facility has never been used becouse it's only 85% finished. Thus it's safe and legal to go. It was designed for plutonium manufacturing but atomic bomb, an entier mountain had been excavated as hollow, the total length of all tunnles is over 20 km. So far it's the largest known artificial tunnle in the world.

We will take a interior gulf car ride to explore arround, the entier procedure takes 1.5 hour. This facility is now not 100% opened yet therefor do please stick with our guide for always, do not even try to reach any preserved area, getting lost in there is an extreme dangerous thing.

Admission fare
01/04-31/10 60 yuan per adult
01/11-31/03 45 yuan per adult
Gulf car ticket
10 yuan per adult

Afterwards we drive all the way back to downtown Chongqing.

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