upper mustang Tiji Festival 2020

“Explore the hidden kingdom of Upper Mustang beyond the great Himalayas.”
Tiji is a common name for Tenpa Chirim (bstan pa spyi rim). It is one of the most popular Himalayan festival and it also an awaited season for hundreds of spectators from every corner of the world. It is celebrated annually in the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang. The religious festival was introduced during the time of Ama Pal (first king of Lo), the independent ruler of Lo and Ngorchen Dorje Chang, the exalted being who brought Buddhism to Mustang. Tenchi, the Vajrakilaya ritual was brought into practice during the reign of Lowo Khenchen, son of the 3rd independent king of Lo Tsangchen Tashi Goen. This festival is organized by group of people including mediators or village chief from every village and the Monks of Chode Monastry. http://www.tsechhen.org.np/ The festival was conducted successfully for a long time. It is an old story about chasing the demons from the sacred land of Lo Manthang. The festival marks the end of the dry season and prayers for fruitful harvest.

This three-day ceremony is lit up with colorful custom dress, dancing, music, and reenactments from the story of a deity and his demon father. According to the Tibetan lunar Calendar it held annually for three days from the 27th to 29thfrom the 3rd month. According to the English calendar festival is held between ends of April and starting of May. Date for Tiji Festival 2019 is already announced. The Tiji festival will be celebrated on 5th May , 6th May and 7th May 2020 in Upper Mustang. It is possible to do the whole trek depending upon the teahouses. We will organize private and group joining tour for the 2020 Tiji Festival. Our all trekking staff is from Upper Mustang and our trekking guide will lead you in this Lo Kingdom sharing his cultural and traditional stories on the trekking trial.

Highlights of this trip
1) Trek in the shadows of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna along the Kali Ghandaki River enroute to Mustang
2) Pass through white-washed mountain villages, alongside colorful Buddhist shrines and temples
3) Following 5 days of trekking, reach Lo Manthang, the fabled walled city of Mustang
4) Spend 3 days in Lo Manthang at the Tije Festival – a vibrant Buddhist celebration with dancing and traditional music.
5) Experience the life style of different people. (1N with Local homestay, 1N at monastery guest house, 1N at tea house)

Outline Itinerary Retrace in same way
Group ‘A’
DAY 01: 20th May 2020; Arrival in Kathmandu.
DAY 02: 12th May 2020; Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek preparation
DAY 03: 13th May 2020; Kathmandu drive to Pokhara.
DAY 04: 14th May 2020; Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom and Trek to Kagbeni.
DAY 05: 15th May 2020; Kagbeni Trek to Chele.
DAY 06: 16th May 2020; Chele Trek to Syanbochen.
DAY 07: 17th May 2020; Syanbochen Trek to Dhakmar.
DAY 08: 18th May 2020; Dhakmar Trek Lo-Manthang.
(Festival Starts)
DAY 09: 19th May 2020; First days of Tiji Festival and Explore Lo-Manthang walled city.
DAY 10: 20th May 2020; Second day of Tiji Festival.
DAY 11: 21st th May 2020; Final Day of Tiji Festival and drive to Charang.
DAY 12: 22nd May 2020; Charang Trek to Ghiling,
DAY 13: 23rd May 2020; Ghiling Trek to Chuksang.
DAY 14: 24th May 2020; Chhuksang Trek to Jomsom.
DAY 15: 25th May 2020; Fly or Drive back to Pokhara.
DAY 16: 26th May 2020; Drive From Pokhara to Kathmandu.
DAY 17: 27th May 2020; Final Departure.

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