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Hi All,
After reviewed all Guides in Wander, I have confident I can give a better experience in Shenzhen.

As you all know, Shenzhen is a most developed city amongst in the world. I came to Shenzhen after graduated from collogue with major in Tourism and stay in Shenzhen for almost 4 years.

Now, I am working in a foreign enterprise with the fields of IT software project management. But I am not a coder or a developer. Just a project manager to overall manage a project team for most 3 years.

Why I want to become a tour guide in Shenzhen? First of all, I like travelling without package tour products. So I always personalize my tour with local culture and local experience. After travelled many countries, an idea came to my mind. I can help the people who want to travel to Shenzhen and offer my help and useful information for them. When I travel to other countries. As you know, it is very thankful and grateful to receive the help from locals. So I decide to do that.

You know, I am at full-time work in company, but I am available in weekend and holiday. If you want to came Shenzhen, before you arrived, you can email me for any queries and any help (e.g. Transportation. Accommodation, sightseeing, Local Food, Visa…). Please kindly feel free to give your any queries and helps I can advise you.

Below my ability for your reference.
1, some travel services. Like (Airport Pick-up/ Accommodation/ Ticket Booking…)
2, English & Chinese tours (Weekend/After office time)
3, local food recommend (Local traditional food, you really need to try it)
4, rent a house or apartment (If you want to stay for a long period)
5, Be a good friend. (haha)

Please kindly add me in wechat or just text me : 13143104042

Thank you!!

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