Shanghai at a glance; a tailor made tour

I am specialised in organising tailor made tour for foreign people who come to visit Shanghai. Coming to Shanghai is not a problem. Every day a lot of planes and cruise ships bring thousand of people to Shanghai. But getting around in Shanghai might be more difficult. Here live more than 25 million people and most of them do not speak your language. It is not so easy to find your way, that is why I offer tailor made tour programs to get around.

A one-day tour in Puxi part of Shanghai can look like:

09.00- pick you up from your hotel and go to Peoples Square
Stop 1 - Peoples Square
Peoples Square is the real center of Shanghai. In the past it has been a race course, but now it is the center of the city with the Town Hall. the Grand Theater and Shanghai Museum. We willvisit Urban Planning Exhibition (20 yuan each person). This will give you a nice overview of Shanghai. If you like you can also visit Shanghai museum.

Stop 2 - Yu Yuan Garden
We will go with metro to Yu Yuan Garden. Before we visit Yu YuanGarden we can first stop in the surrounding Old Town taste some Dumpling food. This is real specialty and they say it is one of the best dumpling foods in the world.
Visit Yu Yuan Garden (40 yuan each person). This is one of the most famous places of Shanghai. It is a Garden build during Ming Dynasty. Nowadays it is surrounded by modern skyscrapers. It is a big contrast.

Stop 3 - Confucius Temple and “Narrow Streets of Shanghai”
We will walk from Yu Yuan Garden to Confucius Temple (20 yuan) and from there we walk through ‘Narrow Streets of Shanghai’. Here you can still see how the Chinese people lived and still live. We will walk until the Bell Tower. This was once the highest building of Shanghai with 29 meters. It was used as observation tower by Fireman to safeguard the city.

Stop4 - TianZiFang
We take metro train to go to TianZiFang. This is also an older part of Shanghai. It has lot small art shops and lot of small restaurants and terraces. TianZiFang is famous for the nice atmosphere.

Stop 5 - The Bund
We take metro to go to the Bund. This is most historical place of Shanghai. In the past this was the place were ships landed unloaded and loaded their cargo. On the Puxi part there are lot of old historical building lot of them in Art Deco style. This was the old skyline of Shanghai. And when you look at the other side of Huangpu river you see the new skyline of Shanghai. Especially in the evening this is very nice view when all the city lights are burning. The Bund is a real meeting place for people of all nationalities. We will walk over the Bund

Stop 6 - Walk over Nanjing Road back to Peoples Square
We will walk from the Bund over Nanjing Road back to People Square. Nanjing Pedestrian street is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. Especially in the weekend it will be very crowded and you will get a real view on busy life of Shanghai

17.00 I will bring you back to your hotel

The total time for this tour is 8 hours.

My fee for such a tour is USD 125. This is included the fee for Wander City, but is excluded travel cost and cost of entrances fees if applicable.

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